You may have your own content marketing channels in the mix, but are looking to work with a digital media partner to maximise your online messaging. How do you make sure that you are working with one that is right for you? Consider these three things in your decision making process.

1. Have a clear goal.

Marketing campaigns are only effective when you have a goal in mind: you need to know where to go before deciding how to get there. Aligning your current business needs with the campaign maximises the returns on each penny spent.

A marketing strategy with a balanced mix drives customers through the various buying stages and eventually results in purchases. Think about what you you would like to achieve with the campaign: Are you looking to get in front of customers and increase visibility? Are you hoping to highlight the value of your product and influence buying decisions? Or do you want to change the perception of you brand?

2. Consider distribution and engagement.

Publishers may differ in their content distribution strategy. Big-name media outlets that have made successful transitions from traditional media models usually have heavy direct traffic to their websites. On the other hand, new digital media companies such as Buzzfeed rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, instead of website traffic, to distribute content at scale. Some publishers find their email newsletter extremely effective in content delivery, with high open and click-through rates.

Make sure that the publisher’s distribution model suits your goal. For example, social media facilitates the exposure, virality and engagement of content, but a large email newsletter readership could be useful in driving conversions and great for targeted reach. Ask your potential media partner for statistics, such as reach and engagement, that reflect how established their audience is.

3. Know the audience.

A marketing message has to be delivered to the right person at the right time with the right content in order for it to work. A trustworthy digital media partner has a thorough understanding of the audience’s demographics, preferences and means of content consumption. With data-driven insights, they can deliver tailored and compelling messages with relevant stories that forge bonds between your brand and potential customers.

Take part in the conversation around your brand by sharing the voice with a media partner who has loyalty from their audience.

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