A question that we always have in mind as a digital publisher: What would our audience want to see from us? We value the time and attention from people of Birmingham and the last thing we would like is churning out content just to clutter our audience’s social media feeds. Making sure that what we deliver appeals to our audience is our top priority.

Engaging our audience is also important when it comes to helping our brand partners reach their target customers. By leveraging our understanding of the landscape and consumer preferences, we connect brand partners with their target customers through content that resonates and that aligns with the partner’s core message.

At Updates Media we have a tried-and-true three-step process for campaigns and partnerships that generate results: plan, produce and publish.


We help brands and companies tell their stories, so it’s essential that

  • the content delivers the message and serves the purpose
  • we remain authentic — the interest of our audience always comes first, since it’s where their trust in us is rooted
  • the content has to be interesting, informative or entertaining — or all of the above.

We always make sure we understand what our partner is trying to achieve before we start coming up with ideas and planning content. For example, when we were creating a campaign for Resorts World, we had their priorities in mind. They were looking to increase brand awareness and intent in the city and boost footfall to their venue. After understanding their goals and brand value, mission and style, we brainstormed ideas around content that would align with both our audience’s interest and Resorts World’s message.


Campaign video

The four-stage campaign for Resorts World consisted of an introductory article, a listicle on cocktails, a video of the Sky Bar, and a post for an event. We made sure that the content would engage our audience and that it fit into the viewing experience across multiple platforms.

Resorts World listicle


The campaign eventually delivered great results with significant brand lift and positive feedback from our audience, including expressed interest in visiting the venues.

Getting your message in front of your target audience could be a tricky task. With one that clicks and the right mix of touch points, your brand will form an authentic bond with your potential customers, which is what matters when it comes to long-term business growth.

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