While your marketing strategy has a growing focus on social media, you might also be struggling to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Recently Facebook announced another wave of changes to their algorithms that will lead to a decrease in overall organic reach. Some marketers are concerned about how they can maximise their scale and impact of their messaging. Publishing content on a regular basis does not guarantee social media reach as the algorithms filter out of the news feed posts that have few interactions with users. Some marketers put an emphasis on building a large following and getting likes, but it might not be the most effective strategy for driving sales. It takes less than a second to like a post or follow a page, which does not reveal much about what the user actually thinks of your content. How do you dig deeper and get more insights into customer intention? How do you know if you have built a bond with your customers? Generating impressions is the first step, but it is not the be-all and end-all of performance metrics. It is important to make sure that your message is delivered to the specific target audience who you want to reach and potential customers who will be interested in your product or service. This is where real, organic engagement comes in. Interactions from actual users, as opposed to social media robots that are used to boost followings or post likes, reflect customer preferences and intentions. Comments let you know how they perceive your brand and product. Digital word of mouth in the form of shares and tags is one of the most powerful tools for amplifying your message — and it is free. Link clicks signal interest from the audience and help you convert potential purchases. These behaviours take more effort on the users’ part and reflect emotional engagement with the content. Through this valuable real-time feedback, you can accurately gauge customer sentiment, foster customer relationships, as well as spread your message through viral sharing. Social media algorithms are prioritising content with high engagement as it is more relevant to users. What generates engagement? Quality content that people will want to engage with. It requires a deep understanding of who you want to reach. Since Birmingham Updates was founded in 2011, we have been striving to learn about our audience and produce content that is valuable to people in the city. We launched our content partnership program in 2017 to help connect brands and organisations with our audience in an authentic, engaging way. Our knowledge of our audience and the content they will engage with lead to great success. Plus with clear results and CPM metrics, we were able to deliver a clear return on investment. Quality always trumps quantity on social media. Want to learn more about what we do? Find out more here.